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The Life Span And Dangers Of Fluorescent Tubes At Home


There is a broad range of light bulbs in the market today, but one kind of bulb that has gain popularity and can often be seen in many homes are fluorescent tubes. They are highly preferred because they emit less heat compared to other light bulbs which is perfect during the hot months or for those living in areas with hot climates.

What Are Fluorescent Tubes?

Fluorescent tubes are gas discharge lamps powered by electricity to trigger mercury vapor that requires ballast in order to maintain a flow of power running consistently throughout the entire bulb. They are larger in shape and size and they are usually more expensive than ordinary light bulbs. They are a good investment because they do not generate high electricity costs. Fortunately, they also last longer compared to other light bulbs and works better.

How Long Can They Last?

They have a considerably longer life span than other light bulbs which is usually 20 times longer than the standard life span of light bulbs. As such, you will be able to reduce electric costs, while eliminating the constant need for fluorescent tubes replacements which allows you to save up on more lighting expenses. Sadly, there is a drawback because when fluorescent tubes are frequently switched on and off, the lifespan is drastically reduced which means that you would have to constantly purchase replacements. This is why fluorescent tubes are best used in rooms that would need them to be switched on for more an hour at a time.

The Dangers Of Fluorescent Tubes

Though fluorescent tubes are a great way to get reliable lighting at reduced expenses, they can be dangerous. They are a health and safety risk when broken due to the small mercury content. So when your fluorescent tubes break, you need to clear the shards using damp paper towels and discarded in a sealed plastic bag. If anyone at home suffers from epilepsy, they must be monitored near fluorescent tubes that have a tendency to flicker to avoid seizures.Go here to see, what author recommends.www.lightbulbs2u.com/halogen-bulbs-and-transformers-c-28.html

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