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Free Arabic Font



If you want to use a specific Arabic font on your webpage, you need to tap companies that carry a wide array of Arabic fonts in order for you to find the one you’re looking for that would perfectly fit the layout of your website.  Arabic fonts are known to be hard to find; however, there is one recognized online site that offers free Arabic fonts—the FreeArabicFonts



FreeArabicFonts Com

There are more than 500 Arabic fonts you can find on FreeArabicFonts.Com that is available for download.  On one hand, their site does not require the user to be registered in order to download the fonts; however, you are only restricted to download 20 fonts per day.  Not only do they offer Arabic font but they also carry Islamic Calligraphy.  It is to be noted that their library of fonts are continually being replenished with new ones because they invite users to upload newly created Arabic fonts whereby if those submitted fonts pass a meticulous inspection, they will be posted on the site.  On the other, even though they offer free Arabic fonts, they also offer a font pack for $79.99 that you can pay via Paypal.  The package contains more than 850 fonts in one zip file with the size of 36 MB. 


How Their Font Pack Works

After the purchase has been made, you need to wait within 1-12 hours for manual confirmation before you can download your file.  It is to be noted that you are allowed to get 5 download chances.  After you have consumed the 5 chances given to you, you need to contact a certain email address posted at their site in order to get the file.  This way, the risks of illegal file sharing will be kept to a minimum. 



Websites such as FreeArabicFonts.Com comes to the rescue of Arab community whose main problem is to squander from one website to another searching for a particular free Arab font that they can’t find. 

Visit here to find official website  http://freearabicfonts.com/

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