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3 Reasons to Pick a Mosin Nagant Rifle


If you’re a rifle enthusiast or a hunter that’s looking for that easy to handle firearm, then having a Mosin-Nagant model rifle may just be what you’re looking for. The rifle was named after a Russian Sergei Ivanovich Mosin and a Belgian named Emile Nagant. The first Mosin Nagant model rifle was first produced in 1891. Because of the ease of use and maintenance, it became a standard firearm used in the military around the world for almost half a century.

It’d be best to look into different online or local gun shops for a mosin nagant stock. Because of its popularity, there’s a great demand for this rifle against its few numbers in the market. Why do people seem to want one? Here are some reasons why you should have one:

1. Ease of use

A Mosin-Nagant can weigh around 3.4-4.1 kilograms, which isn’t too heavy or too light for most users. The total length of the rifle can range from 1.13 to 1.23 meters, and has an effective range of 500 meters. The length, weight and range of effectiveness are very convenient for game hunting and the likes. Different Mosin Nagant models have varying lengths and weights which can suit your preference.

The rifle utilizes ammunition through a magazine fed and bolt operated mechanism. The magazine is located just in front of the trigger guard, making reloading easier and faster.

2. Easy Maintenance

Compared to other firearms, it is quite easy to clean a Mosin Nagant rifle. Doing so doesn’t require any tools, so you can take it apart piece by piece with ease. Because of the ease of cleaning, doing it every after use can preserve the rifle in good condition. You can even make look like new by simply polishing the wooden frame.

3. Fairly priced gun and ammunition

Mosin Nagant rifles are often available in prices less than two hundred dollars, with ammunition costing around five to ten dollars per twenty rounds. It won’t be too expensive to practice with this rifle and improve your shooting skills with it.Go here to see, what author recommends. http://www.tacticalvantage.com/

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